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Besok Final exam

Wah, ga terasa nih, besok dah final exam yang pertama di sini. jujur aja, belom belajar cing, haha. kemaren sibuk banget ma project2 dari Prof Baek. now i’m doing two kinds of project: interfacial behavior in aluminum coating ini steel for HPF and roject about nano projects: micro bearings…

For the first project, about aluminum coating in steel for HPF, i’m still in finishing term (still in report writing). however, it’s a project from POSCO company (the biggest steel company in Korea, and 2nd in the world), WOW. my profesor’s and my university’s name in that project. hope i can finish that with an excellent result.

the 2nd project, about micro bearing. Same with the first project, i’m the person who continue kinds of projects that already set up by someone. And those people, already set it up, in the high mark and in that condition, i have to make higher goal (what the…). mr sugeng has gone and lived me with that nano project. i’m feeling so enthuastic, fear and also challlenged. enthuastic because i love this project. fear because it’s a very difficult and next step need more energy. and also challenged, because, with this project, i can do a lot of things.

ok, i have to concentrate with first goal: exam for tomorrow!!! forget about those project for a while.

kalau kata orang korea: “paikting”!!!



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