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H-1 Minggu…

just a very super simple short story…

Hey, I’m here… ~7 days before my BIG day! (insyaAllah)

and I’m still here, in my lab… stuck with data, draft of patent, paper, and a bunch of randomness inside my head about this research…

What else, di sela2 waktu ketika bengang bengong bego karena kecapean eksperimen, suka ketawa2 sendiri karena pertanyaan2 semacam: what if,  how about… what will… you’ll be here, beside me, and seeing all of this. Would you keep your smile for me? saying: Hwaiting! or….

Please, do not be worry…. insyaAllah I will come, in Monday afternoon I will be in our beloved country, Indonesia, and next week, if Allah wills, everything will be ok… calm down, 걱정하지 마………………. 🙂

Bismillah, kembali nge-lab 

*pasang iket kepala*



4 thoughts on “H-1 Minggu…

  1. semangaat komandaan!!

    Posted by Jagoan Kampoeng | December 13, 2013, 7:57 pm
  2. mas boyyy sekarang udah H minus 4 nih!!! udah deg degan belom? huheheh gutlak yaaa

    Posted by cutesalmon | December 17, 2013, 5:25 pm

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